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Play, create, fix problems, complete missions and earn rewards in this environment and pollution game app that combines gaming and learning like never before.  Kids learn everything about everything from trash and recycling to carbon footprints, greenhouse gases, oil spills, pesticides, renewable energy, hole in the ozone and more.

CREATE: Plant trees and decorate your island. Choose from over 50 trees to with wind spinners, totem pole, chimes, ponds, caves, sculptures and more.

FIX OR MITIGATE POLLUTION EVENTS:  Clear trash, plant trees, reduce your carbon footprint by switching to solar, put out a forest fire, replace chemical pesticides with good bugs, buy a skimmer to clean up an oil spill, add a scrubber to the coal plant to stop acid rain, add a bike path and public transportation to reduce vehicle pollution, sign a 3-island treaty committing to reduce the ozone hole and more.