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Ansel & Clair: American Bowl, by Cognitive Kid, earns a perfect score!

Once again, Cognitive Kid has developed an incredibly engaging, motivating game app, with substantial academic content. Students LOVE it! Students that field-tested this app were enamored with the ability to unlock new bowling balls which kept them playing and learning for great lengths of time.   Teachers can assign specific content areas for students to work in pairs or individually; the game naturally lends itself to either group or solo play.  We especially liked that the categories contained really meaty content, perfect for ramping up a child’s exposure to all things American. A true learning experience.

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Great choice for teachers looking for a game that connects to social studies instruction.

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Engaging and educational what more can you ask for.  Overall a great app to increase your knowledge of U.S History.

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The iPad Fan

Ansel and Clair apps always impress on an educational level, they’re some of my most recommended apps for teachers and parents. If you’ve never used Ansel & Clair apps, it’s very much worth your time to check them out. For home use with your kids, or in the classroom. At first glance the idea of Ansel & Clair: American Bowl might seem odd. Trivia with bowling mixed in. But my kids enjoyed it. It’s equal parts education and game. That’s a trade I’ll make every day as a parent. My only complaint about the app is that it seems to be portrait only…which I know my kids have issues with due to propping up the iPad using the SmartCover (or another case). Other than that, the app is designed with kids in mind, and it shows throughout.

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Ansel & Clair: American Bowl launched today, December 19, 2013